Who is the Humble Traveller?

I believe there’s a humble traveller in all of us. The opportunity to explore new places, cultures, and ways of life – that’s the magic of travel! It opens our eyes to different perspectives and broadens our understanding of the world. To truly experience this, keeping an open mind and a curious spirit is key. While travel can be an incredible privilege, we should be mindful of our actions. We become visitors in someone else’s home, and with that comes a responsibility to be respectful, appreciative, and conscious of our impact.

Hey everyone, Frazer here!  A 30-something – solo traveller who is always on the hunt for another adventure. Cheap flights and awesome deals are my weakness, leading me to exciting corners of the world on a whim. Itineraries? More like loose suggestions… I prefer to soak things up at my own pace. Buckle up for tales of mishaps and marvels, hidden gems I stumble upon, and the joy of getting delightfully lost along the way. 

Travel tips? I’ve got a few of those too! 

So, come join me on these adventures – you might learn a thing or two and probably get a good laugh at my expense.